Keyblade Lightsaber - Full Metal CNC Limited Run


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Hello All,
I'm please to announce Jawas Junkyard Keyblade Run.
Many of you have been requesting somebody crazy enough to tackle this design, and I think I finally have!

It will arrive as anodised to have a more realistic,metallic yellow/orange handle. With a matt black anodised handle.

The premium hilt weights in at 1.2kg. It feels very premium in hand. I'm liasing with various blade builders, to be able to come up with the keyblade.

Please note, no electronics are included.

The hilt has the following specs:

- 1" blade opening.

- 28mm ID for installation.

- Two switch configuration

A chassis is in development, and is currently prototyping. I will have my usual group run chassis available.
Order here:

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