Keyblade Build FINISHED


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Hi all,

This one's just a quick build for one of my pals who liked my Laser Rifle. He saw that, and wanted a Keyblade, so I whipped one up in my garage. Pretty simple; lathed handle, some jigsaw cutting on some MDF, and a bit of paint wraps this one up. I will be attaching the chain at a later date.




So, a simple build for a friend. Let me know what you think!


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Not too bad. The design of it doesn't lend well to wielding, though; all the torque from the teeth makes for a fairly unbalanced design.


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Yeah, pretty simple - and not really all that rewarding, to be honest. It was a fast build, and I'd have liked to take more time with it. My buddy was pleased, though, so that's all that counts.
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