Kermit the Frog replica puppet (Kermit meets STAN LEE! pg4)


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Hey all, been working on this fella for the past day or so. Gone through a couple attempts making the head so far, but I feel like I've got the technique and sizing sorted now. Unfortunately I'm not using Antron fleece, just regular anti-pill fleece I got on eBay, but with the corrrect stitching technique it can still work nicely. I might see if there's a way to disguise the more obvious seams by practising some ideas on one of the older head attempts.

I'll keep you guys posted with progress pics, etc, but lemme know what you think of the work done so far. :)

Thanks! Now let's "get things started".....



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Re: Kermit the Frog replica puppet

Awww. Amazing what you can do with a little green fabric. Can't wait to see more pics of this.
Re: Kermit the Frog replica puppet

Love Kermit :love I can't wait to see your Kermit come to life. He already looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing his beginnings :)
Re: Kermit the Frog replica puppet

Yess!! Kermit is one of my favorite characters. I only have the Master Replicas Kermit photo muppet....It's so awesome to see some someone making a puppet version!

I agree, it's already looking awesome and showing some of kermit's personality
Re: Kermit the Frog replica puppet

Hi there,

If you can pull this of properly . . . I'm interested in one for myself. I do a
mighty Kermit voice impression and the kids at the recreation center would
love it ... to see Kermit in person.


(Kermit and Jim, Picture Courtesy The Jim Henson Company)

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Re: Kermit the Frog replica puppet

You definately nailed the head structure!
can't wait to see the ping pong ball eyes go in.
Re: Kermit the Frog replica puppet

You are off to a fantastic start!!!
I'll be watching this thread with GREAT inteest!
Re: Kermit the Frog replica puppet

That is absolutely wonderful, keep up the good work and i can't wait to see the end results!!
Re: Kermit the Frog replica puppet

That looks great. Obviously making a great puppet is the beginning but you look like you've already got to grips with bringing him to life.

Those expressions you were able to pull off in the photos were perfect, especially that last one. If you can make me believe that's Kermit already, then I'd say you've got this one in the bag :)
Re: Kermit the Frog replica puppet

Very nice, can't wait to see this progress. So much of Kermit's head shape was Henson's large hand so he's a tough one to nail but this looks great.
Re: Kermit the Frog replica puppet

It ain't easy being green!

You're off to a great start!
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