Kenner Hasbro Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Conversion to Studio Scale look

barney five

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Guys, Thank you all for your lovely comments! That means a lot to me!

so, my first steps into weathering....

very hard to not overdo it

...i try
IMG_4851 Kopie.JPG
IMG_4853 Kopie.JPG
IMG_4845 Kopie.JPG
IMG_4847 Kopie.JPG
IMG_4849 Kopie.JPG

IMG_4844 Kopie.JPG


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don't be overly critical with the result...the shuttle turned out perfect. i love it ! I totally agree with you on the weathering...less is more...this is especially true for imperial ships and or two selected runn downs on the hood fin could be a bit darker...but only a touch


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Looks great! About 12 - 15 years ago, they had these at Tatooine Traders in Walt Disney World, during a time when they were available briefly as a retailer exclusive and Walt Disney World was the only other place that got those exclusives. I really wanted to get one, but I just couldn't justify paying what they were asking for them.


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