Kenner Hasbro Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Conversion to Studio Scale look

barney five

Sr Member
starting to convert the Hasbro/Kenner Toy Shuttle to more Studio Scale lookalike

some heavy Cockpit modification


barney five

Sr Member
yeah, thats right.
but still... its a lot cheaper than the utterly rare and expensive studio scale resin kit. (dont know if its anymore available at all)

with some work and design adjustments on the right spots, the kenner/hasbro can make a nice studio like shuttle, as it has the correct size for it :)

barney five

Sr Member
please, does someone here know from which donor kits these parts came from ?

the large main part in the middle, and also the two smaller round greeblies on top and below...



Master Member
Seems to me that the 3 bars were simply Evergreen pieces of plastic added for effect. I don't know about the other pieces; though they look familiar.

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