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    so, im thinking about starting to sculpt stuff, but im wondering, i will most likely just be doing this for myself (and probably not that good either), so i was wondering, could you just keep the sculpture in clay, maybe harden it in the oven or stuff, and paint it? i dont have the funds to mold and cast it in silicone, which is my main concern, so is it realistic to keep it in clay or will it just look bad?

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    If you use water-based clay then you can let it dry out and harden or terra cotta can be fired to hardness, that's been done for centuries. There are all sorts of clays that can be fired. If you used oil-based clay that doesn't dry out you'd need to seal it on the outside with some Krylon crystal clear spray and then put it up somewhere where it won't get knocked about because it will remain soft. You could even paint it after sealing it. I recently molded an oil clay sculpture that a guy's grandfather did 50 years ago. It had suffered some dents but was actually in pretty good shape for as old as it was.

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    You can use super sculpey. If you want it to be hard and endure. It goes to an oven and gets hard.

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