Kaylee Frye (Firefly) costume

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Wanted to share some pics of my very first costume. My Kaylee Frye costume from October 2010. It was so much fun to wear! Wore it again at Calgary this year.

Standing beside Jayne. You can see his shoulder there. (Cropped him out because I don't know if he would want me reposting a picture of him.) He had a great costume. Goatee and everything. Looked pretty tall standing beside me.


An altered pair of coveralls.
Decided to wear my hair up the first time around. Wasn't really long enough. Looks a bit funny. Oh well.
I got that teddy bear patch for a pretty decent price. The jacket is in the way, so you can't see the heart and flower patches.

DRD 1812

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Everyone is so nice!

very cool Kaylee!

we are trying to start a Firefly/serenity costume club..
where we take about costumes and try to coordinate appearances at cons
we are in the begining stages so bear with us please :)
come check it out if interested.
"The 'Verse" a Firefly/serenity costume club - Home

we are on FB too... search for "The Verse - firefly/serenity costume club"

Sounds like fun...Be right back...Registered!
Edit: And now also approved. Shiny!
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You did a great job! And as important as the costume is the beautiful, sweet quality that Kaylee has, and you clearly have that too.
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