Kato's leather striped racing gloves


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I've been trying to find a good source for those leather gloves that Kato wears in the Green Hornet film. I've only been able to find the costume vinyl ones which are terrible. Does anyone know where I could find these gloves?

things I know of em so far:
they are based on Designer Raf Simons vertical striped gloves.
the originals have a red stripe not white.
you can buy the red ones but for close to 600$ yikes.

original design:

Available Vinyl gloves:
anyone out there? I'm debating if i should just buy leather gloves and somehow paint or dye them white. lol these would be great gloves for riding on my bike with.
i hate the sounds of crickets. looks like the gloves in any color are all long sold out. I may try to dye a reg pair of gloves white. does anyone know if someone makes replicas of these gloves? i'd buy the vinyl costumes ones but they'd deteriorate after riding on my motorcycle after a while.
Those vinyl ones looks like they're made out of the vinyl you use on a car roof. I'm surprised there isn't anything close you could use in like motorcross or other catalogs. I have a bad feeling that they're going to be pricey no matter what.
i totally agree. I should have jumped on the real ones before the film came out. they are all sold out but back then were even pricey at 550$ for gloves. fashion gloves at that lol. I'd love a nice slick pair to ride with it.
Looking at the only decent screen cap I could find, it looks like the Brazimotos are closer than the others. The stripes only cover half of the index and ring fingers rather than the whole thing. Also the strap and the palm patch are more of a match.


I think your update just gave me some sort of seizure lol

These Brazimoto gloves are perfect. Im checking there site and the black and cream might just be it!
What's funny is that I saw these at least a couple of years ago and thought they were cool. When I watched the movie I knew I needed to find them again and post, but forgot. Glad to help. Sorry about the seizure though.
wow Kittlemeier

you are a life saver. I just found them at my job in Amazon and got them for so cheap!! holy crap I thought all this time they were the Raf Simon style but the screencap is clearly the Brazimoto gloves. wow!
gloves just came in and i got it in Medium. unfortunately its way too big. Apparently I have the hands of a small child. So i ordered a size in xs. on a brazimoto forum, they recommend you get a size smaller so the deer leather can form to your hand better, that particular leather does stretch to fit which is good.

these gloves are the real legit thing. very very solid gloves for riding very thankful for all the help on pinpointing these awesome gloves!!

Wow that was fast! Very cool!

I always buy deerskin work gloves and always size down because they give a good bit.

So, were the straps reversible for top or bottom?

I may have to get a pair of these. I'm a Triumph rider, but the scooter crowd has some great riding accessories. I'm pretty sure I first saw these gloves in Scoot! magazine.

the strap isn't reversable I tried to do it but couldn't. I got my X-small ones just now and its um..tight haha. so here's hoping they stretch out well bc the mediums might as well have been a catchers mitt lol.
little photo update. 2nd day of riding with the gloves and its really smooth and great leather. sprayed a little water on them before riding which has helped. thanks again everyone!

Hi, I just found this awesome thread. I rented the movie and took all screen-caps I could find, since I was going to get these made.

I noticed Kato wears 2 different stripped gloves for different scenes. The one we know is the one with the cream thumb patches, but he also wears same looking gloves with black thumb patches. These are all over the movie, but they can be better seen at the end of the movie, when they are at Cameron Diaz's door-step and she mazed them, making Kato signal "Stop" with his hands, exposing the black thumb patches. Next scene, with the Hornet on the kitchen table, Katos gloves go back to cream thumb patches. Just something I noticed during my research.

After seeing the Brazimoto, I though about tossin that plan out the window, but I can't over-look the wrist strap going over the wrist.

I want to know if you were able to remove/peel away the "Brazimoto" logo off the wrist strap? Would that be an easy fix? It's confusing they show the gloves with the straps under the wrist, then you get gloves with straps over the wrist. is your strap hanging loose for the pics?
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it's super easy to remove the logo off of the straps. Just a simple box cutter or tiny scissors will cut away at the logo and it peels off. really great gloves.
But, you still got the wrist-straps going over the wrist, as opposed to as seen in the pics, right? I was about to order a pair, but the strap issue was the deal-breaker.
the pair that I have, has the strap under the wrist like the ones seen in the screen cap. Here is a pic of my gloves. I am gonna have to get a size small instead of a xtra small seen in the pics lol.

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