Kate Bishop Finished!


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Hello everyone! As soon as I saw the first Hawkeye trailer I knew I wanted to cosplay Kate Bishop, both her hero suit and the coat that she wears. I am planning on finishing before the Hawkeye release date of November 24th which I think is doable.

I started with the coat, the fabric I got is a double brushed cotton from Joanns and I used McCalls M8246 and made some alterations. Basically I just used the pattern and excluded the panels and belt that are on the pattern.


I didn't really take any progress pics as I just followed the pattern instructions, but here is the finished product. I am going to take some better pictures of it for my instagram, and I will share some of them here so you can see the coat better. Tomorrow I am also going to start patterning the jacket for the hero suit tomorrow, until then I hope you like what I have so far.


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Heres some of the better pictures I promised

I also started working on the jacket for her hero suit, the pattern was made using the top half of the pattern that I made for my Yelena cosplay.

The fabric I am going to be using for the jacket is just 100% cotton, I wanted to use a knit but I couldn't find any that I liked so I just went with this.


Here is the fabric I am using for the side panels, it is not sa but I think its decent for the look
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The jacket is finished!

I cut out my pattern and assembled the body

Next I assembled the sleeves, since the left sleeve has a pink circle I had to cut one out of the sleeve and cut a 3.5 inch pink circle

For the pink rectangles I just cut out rectangles of the same pink fabric for the circle and sewed them onto the jacket, then I attached the zipper and collar and it's finished!

Next is all of the accessories, it will be a push to finish before Wednesday but I think I can do it


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Kate is finished! and just in time for Hawkeye

I started with the belt, it is two pieces of 2mm foam that I textured to look like leather. There is a 2in metal ring in the front and back and the belt closes in the front with velcro.

Next was the arrow head holder, it is 2mm foam textured to look like leather. The arrow heads are wooden dowels cut down to 1.5 and 2 in, and I used foam to make the details. I attached it to the belt with strips of 2mm

I patterned the quiver harness buckle thing and made it out of 6mm. I made the straps out of 2mm and textured them, the harness is all one piece so I kind of just slide in and out of it.

Next came the quiver, it is made out of a shipping tube that I cut in half and attached a cardboard back to, then I covered it with 2mm foam textured to look like leather. To get the leather texture you just heat up the foam and push a crumpled up piece of tin foil into it. The quiver has a purple lining in it, so I used a piece of the purple that I used on the suit and glued it to the top .

The arrows are wooden dowels painted black, for the fletching of the arrows I got some fake feathers, cut them in half and contact cemented them to the top, (I messed up on the placement of the first one). I wanted them to all stay in place so I cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside the quiver and pushed 5 of the arrows into it, to keep them in place I contact cemented them into place. I wanted one arrow to be removable so I cut a notch out of the foam.


For the arm guard I just used 2mm foam and it closes with velcro

The thigh pouch I patterned to fit my phone, and I don't have any pictures but I made a glove as well

For the bow I found one that seemed fairly screen accurate and traced the riser to make a template, it is made out of 4 pieces of 6mm so that's about an inch. The limbs are made of cardboard and the string is a piece of waxed string.

And there you have it Kate Bishop is finished! Now please enjoy some pics I took today.


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It looks great!! Love the show so far. Did you catch the the LARPers made her and Clint new costumes (that we haven't seen yet)? Really interested to see what that costume is. Great work!!


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Very awesome!
Thank you!
It looks great!! Love the show so far. Did you catch the the LARPers made her and Clint new costumes (that we haven't seen yet)? Really interested to see what that costume is. Great work!!
Yes, I'm so excited to see those costumes in action. I actually saw some pictures of Kates new suit and its crazy intricate, that will be a challenge for another day lol.

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