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New from MansionProps comes a new and unique life cast of Karl Urban - Eomer of Rohan
Cast in flesh coloured resin it's the perfect addition to display your helm of Eomer
This bust has been rebuilt from a face casting of the actor made many years ago
The cast needed substantial reconstruction by renowned movie industry fx professional Colin Mayne - much had to be rebuilt including the ears and nose, the opening of the eyes and even the creation of the scowl!
Every mole, scar and facial pore has been added or enhanced to recreate the most accurate likeness available
There has been a huge amount of cleanup and resurfacing detail work to make a complete sculpt but the fundamentals of Urban's facial structure have been maintained from the original to this bust.
Blank busts are available immediately and finished busts will available shortly!
Each bust cost £400 plus GENUINE postage to wherever you are in Middle Earth

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