Karl fredrickson from UP silicone bust


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Well i finished this a long time ago now, life got a bit complicated last few months, but getting through it now.
The original idea was to do a version of karl as if he stepped of the screen and was a real person, so its my own interpretation of the cg character, i know the chin is'nt as wide etc, i'm pleased with how it turned out, and can't say enough good things about the fuse fx paints i used on it.



The ellie badge is from a member here, my wife donated it to the bust, we both love the movie, one of pixars best
Thats class!:D.. such an original idea. Im glad you didnt exaggerate all the features, i really like the realism.. How long did it take to complete?
Cheers, it was just a fun project to do, i went back and forth on areas like the chin and nose, making it wider, taking away, till i got to where it felt right.
timewise, over a month, fitting it in between other projects, i haven't used silicone in a long time, but platgel is really nice stuff, not the demon i had heard it was either
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for those mailing about the badge, i contacted the member i got mine from to see if he was still doing them, so far no reply.
frosty, I REALLY like this man. I haven't even seen the movie but when I first opened the page I was trying to figure out what actor that was supposed to be...

I thought to myself, that looks like if the old man from up was a real person!

Read on through the post and yep!

Basically I'm saying it is INSTANTLY recognizable, even to someone who hasn't even seen the source material for the piece!

I'd say that is a win! :)
Just won a competition with this head, a local paper asked for weird art projects, so i entered, won a copy of the movie on blu and a player, it'll be in the paper sometime soon.
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