Kanan Jarrus - First armor attempt

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    I utterly forgot to get in-progress pictures as we were rushing for DragonCon, but here's our first ever armor build. Pattern was bought from etsy and modified some. It was drafted for someone tall and skinny, and Aries is short and solid. Costumes are not 100% finished, but enough to take a few pictures.

    Pattern was cut out onto 2mm EVA foam (AKA craft foam sheets) details added, and then heated with an iron and shaped.
    Cotton fabric was glued onto the back for stability.
    A mix of fabric glue, school glue, and water was used to seal the surface of the foam in about 8-10 layers. I forgot to count exactly how many, but it was a lot.
    Several layers of acrylic paint mixed with fabric paint medium were brushed on
    The design was stenciled on
    Scuffs were painted on.
    Straps are belts from goodwill. We deviated slightly from the design, but you can't really see it. There's a second narrow strap under the arm to help keep the armor shaped properly.

    I don't think it's too terrible for a first attempt, and next time we can go for something a little sturdier.

    armor3.png armor2.png armor1.png
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    looks good buddy! i love the shirt! have you followed "the last padawan" comic?! keep up the great work!

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