Kanan Jarrus Costume


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In addition to the Ezra Bridger costume I am working on for my 2 year old, I am whipping up a Kanan Jarrus costume for my 4 year old. Here is the first wave of photos from the near complete shirt.

I had to cut two shirts apart to make this work. As stated in my previous thread, I have no sewing skills so I have used heat bond to create the hems and fuse the two shirts together. It is turning out very nicely. Hope you enjoy.

A little reference shot to compare.

kanan jarrus.jpg


Here is a detail of the right arm, it is an underarmor type shirt as stated in the costuming guide over at Rebel Legion. The hem is not finished on the arm as I have to completely take the right side of the shirt in.







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That's a great start :) ... By making those hems with 'heat bond' ... do you mean a hot glue gun?


Heat Bond is a tape that acts as an adhesive when heat is applied to it (usually by way of a hot iron). Sometimes referred to as "hem tape".


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Unfortunately a scratch-built saber is out of the question at this point. But I might throw together a Kanan-ish blaster.

image.jpg image.jpg

Here's the big trying it on.


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I had considered the Kanan for myself, when the boys first saw Rebels and my 4 year old wanted to be Zeb and then he fell in love with Kanan so I bought an Obi Wan costume and am making Kanan for the oldest, Ezra for my middle son and a simple Leia for our six month old. I have to make a faux leather vest for my wife's Naboo pilot costume too! I am going to be busy.


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Did two more hours of heat binding tonight! I need to learn to work a sewing machine! But not until after CVII.

The shirt is done other than the striping and some touch up glue around the edges.

I have also added a photo of the gloves I cut for him. The pants are just a plain pair of grey slacks. Nothing special there.

Tomorrow ow I will move on to the belt and holster and the armor. I should be able to wrap this one up by week end.


image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

PS- that shirt is comprised of three separate shirts. The base, or olive, is a plain tee. The dark green is a thermal and the black is an under armor. I did it this way to help with the heat three shirts or even the toastiness the dark green layer sewn to the top of the olive would cause.
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