Kan-Ra (Killer Instinct Season 2) build

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After yet another hiatus, I am back! This time around, I'm taking on Killer Instinct's Totally-Not-A-Mummy, Kan-Ra:

This will be a bit different from my previous builds, which focused more on armor (and less armor means more mobility and less heat! :thumbsup). To start, I purchased a white generic morphsuit, and several boxes of Top Care elastic bandages. I'm either going to sew or glue the bandages in place after wrapping the suit for ease of wear.

The first thing I started on was the left vambrace, using good-ole' EVA foam. The base shape is 6mm, with 3mm used for the skull embossing. I didn't want to potentially mess up the join with hot glue, so I used an old can of paper rubber cement. Lo-and-behold, it worked perfectly! I put the finishing touches on with a soldering iron. After assembly, I gave it a coat of Rustoleum gold.

(As you can see, I'm also working on my creepy smile :D)

Then I went in with acrylics to finish it up:

0819151904b.jpg Not a mummy.jpg 0819151905a.jpg

Next up was a makeup test to make sure I could get the grey, wrinkled skin right. I put down a layer of latex on the back of my hand, followed by a piece of tissue split in half, then sealed with another layer of latex. I used a grey watercolor makeup to color it in. I wish I had known about this stuff sooner! Just moisten a sponge, dab it in the palette, and layer it on! So simple! I then applied a layer of Ben Nye makeup sealer to hold everything in place. This was my result:

Works for me!

I'm currently building the neck jewelry, and will likely move on to the belt next.

All those boons are going to be fun to build...

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more!

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With school starting up I haven't been able to build as much as I'd like (but that doesn't stop me from trying!). I've begun sculpting a brow prosthetic that will be cast in latex.


I've also built the main component of the neck jewelry from 6mm foam. Next up will be the tassels.

(Fun fact! According to some internet research, this is called a "Wesekh.")

For the midsection, I've made a skin-piece from thin upholstery foam and latex to give a more emaciated look. I'll likely end up gluing this directly to the body suit.

I'm going to need to put some more padding under the ribcage so it protrudes outward more.

On top of all that, I received my white mesh contacts from Pinky Paradise. I thought they'd be hard to see in, but it's just like looking through a screen door. You can see everything you need to be aware of, it just has a slight white haze.

And the creepy smile is improving too! :thumbsup

And that's all for now! I'm hoping to get a big chunk done this weekend, though. Stay tuned!
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Much labor was had on Labor Day! I've completed the belt minus strapping, as well as the anklet.


I've also gotten two of the boons completed, both made of 100% foam.


(Slight lie on 100% foam. The wrap is painted fabric.)


I chose to use the textured side of the foam to give it a bit more character.

Next, the loincloth. It was as simple as cutting up an old blue t-shirt, burning the edges, and painting the designs with a gold paint-pen.


Since this post, I've glued the stomach piece to the bodysuit with contact cement, and have begun wrapping it in the bandages. I'm shooting for Saturday to finish this thing, and I think I'm almost there!


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Con photos! Since I didn't trust my skills in applying a baldcap, I took a Boris Karloff Mummy approach to the hair. (I'll need to invest in some stronger gel, though. It's still a bit too "poofy" for my liking.)

12003957_10204128561329282_2634454284495080562_n.jpg 11057758_10207003523622167_1949138775544441395_n.jpg 12011355_10207003524262183_3005071816578009660_n.jpg Kan-Ra.jpg 12011357_10207004617369510_2256090537789267561_n.jpg 11659370_10207004616929499_8090296843430654319_n.jpgSelfie selfie.jpgThis one that's more than one.jpg

My personal favorite: Selfie with the Phantom of the Opera!


And some messing around with GIMP.

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With another con motivating me, I made a few updates! I decided to ditch the stomach piece, as it just made my midsection too thick. I also added some much needed weathering to the bandages with a mist of black and white spray paint. I made two more boons from a tupperware jar and a mini spray bottle, and some gnarly fake nails (which I was sorely lacking on my first go-around) from a pair of cheap light-up witch's gloves. I believe the overall look has been dramatically improved!

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