Kamen rider blade helm pepakura


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hey everyone, been wanting to make a kamen rider helm for quite a while now and i will be honest it hasnt gone well so far
1st of all i didnt scale it right :/ i know where i went wrong, i forgot about the huge spike on top and included that into the mesaurements, if i had of left it out it would have fit.
so this will just be a model on my shelf, still its a learning curve aint it :)

another problems i had was attaching the front, the face and the eyes to the helmet, there isnt any indication as to how it should be done, so i just had to guess and used way too much tape :/ at least it wont matter when i but bondo and that on it.

so at the moment i have pepped it, and ive added resin on the outside, also rondoed the inside but pics of that will follow later as i need to add another layer as this was way too thin.




worked on it a little past few days, at the mo ive added bondo, sanded, primed, added spotting putty and resanded and primes ready to add putty where needed again,
only posting 4 pics, got loads but gona save them and make a video and post at the end :)




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