Kaldor Draigo Warhammer 40k


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Hi there
I want do make another costume - my first was Inquisitor Drogan from the Space Marine video game.

I was thinking of making a Grey Knight and then Kaldor Draigo - based on the figurine from GW.
But in my travels I have referenced so many excellent and inspiring figurines that I don't really know which one I should make.

Drogan (as Inquisitors always are) was high in detail - right down to the glowing artificial right arm - so I want again to make something with detail... lots of detail.

Because I was very lucky to scratch build an awesome costume without much help (no pepakura, no foam builds, and no other people having ever done the same character) I feel that I could easily do anything that I want. Most of it would be EVA foam.

What character could I make?


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Can I put a link to my Drogan youtube video here?
I don't know if this is allowed.