Kaiyodo & Screamin Models question


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I have seen a few stormtrooper, bobba fett model kits on ebay now and then. It looks like models from Kaiyodo and Screamin look very much similar in terms of the model's poses. In fact, i cant tell the diffrence between the models offered by both companies. Are both companies related to one another in some ways? Whats their story? i just feel that the similarities between the model kits are just too much of a coincidence.

Boba Flint

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Tim Fortuna is correct. Kaiyodo is the original maker. Screamin imported them into the US. Beware of what you see on ebay 99% of them are recasts. And they mostly come from Taiwan. If it is in a white crappy vinyl, no box or instructions you are getting one of the recasts which are incredibly inferior. Soft detail, sometimes detail is completely lost, the kits are noticeably smaller than the original.

Tim Fortuna

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I concur, re-casts are horrible.
Before I knew what re-casts were and the damage they do to legitemate dealers I purchased a 1/4 Stormtrooper and it was CRAP! Not all the pieces were present and it was full of pock marks and holes, not to mention the feet were so bent he would never stand properly. Like who needs a big hole in the middle of the chest armour.
I have since purchased the real Screamin' stormtrooper (and the rest of the series) and they are awsome (IMO). Grand scale and some awsome pieces. Take the time and look for the real thing they are out thier. I recently saw a 1/4 Boba going for $50 (so far).
Check this out if you would like to learn more about re-casts:
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