JW Raptor - Same as the JP sculpt?


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I'm considering paint schemes for my 1:1 velociraptor bust which is taken from the Stan Winston molds. Having seen Jurassic World, and the key role played by "Blue", I was wondering, are the JW raptors (specifically "Blue") the same as those in JP? The JP and JP2 raptors were the same sculpt, and the JP3 raptors were a very different new sculpt, but what about the JW raptors? Are they a new sculpt/design (for the very few "real" - non-CGI - raptors) or based on the first/second movie?

Basically, would a JP raptor, in JW paint scheme look "accurate", or are there big differences that I'm unaware of?





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I'm not sure if the digital model they used in JW somehow came from scans of the originals. I do know that Stan Winston studios did not make any dinosaurs for JW. My personal opinion is that it's a custom sculpt, but I've been wrong on multiple occasions.

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Your photos aren't loading for me, but perhaps that's just because I'm on mobile?

Based on the few photos I've seen, the JW raptors have quite a few different details. The point of the muzzle, nostrils, eyes, and wrinkle details have all been enhanced or altered when compared to the JP Raptor. If I had to guess, I'd say it is indeed a new sculpture. Would anyone notice the difference if it was painted like the JW raptor? Probably not.

I believe Legacy Effects supplied the practical dinos for the movie.
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