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DC Universe Costumers: the Justice League HQ has launched!

Much like the 501st Legion organized groups of Star Wars fans from all over the world into functioning sets of smaller squads, garrisons, and so on, the Justice League HQ is organizing DC Universe costumers into one hub of operation with "League Chapters."

With the help of Dustin Dial — Arizona's "Dr. Fate" —*we have got the group up and running.

There is a lot of inspiration from both the 501st and the Arizona Avengers. The 501st has become a major part of my life, and I've met some of the best people in the world through it! The 501st also proved one thing to me; dynamic, well made costumes get attention and that attention can be directed to a greater good. The Arizona Avengers have also started along this mission, and are growing, drastically and doing amazing charity work. These organizations proved that one can truly be a hero and bring attention to a cause!

Albin granted us his permission to emulate thew 501st charter with our Justice League Charter, because no other costuming organization in history has faced what the 501st has, and the charter represents years of blood sweat and tears. Even though the JL HQ charter takes inspiratin from the 501st it is not a carbon copy for DC costumes due tot he thousands of variations.

Check it out, and join up!

Our hope is the JL HQ grows exponentially. We'd love to see a Justice League ("your city here").

Justice League HQ | DC comics inspired costuming group
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