Justice League Gods and Monsters Batman (Kirk Langstrom)


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Hey everyone. I've just recently started looking into the Batman costume from Justice League Gods and Monsters and I have a few ideas. However, I want to see if anyone else has some ideas about going about making the suit, in particular the cowl.

JL_GODSnMONSTERS_BM_1.jpg darkbatmanjpg-a24cb6_765w.jpg
gam_batman_watermarked_by_jtsentertainment-d8oorm1.png batman-superman-and-wonder-woman-redesigned-in-trailer-for-justice-league-gods-and-monst-368426.jpg


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I can't see it being much more difficult to make than any other Batman cowl, and there are plenty of threads on here that detail the process for building cowls.

The most common process that I've seen involves sculpting using clay to create the original, and then making a cast and then creating the finished piece out of urethane rubber.

I've never done it myself, so that's a simplified (and probably not completely correct) version of the process.

Then there's pepakura, which is quite popular and again you'll find plenty of info on this forum on how to do that, in fact there's a whole thread devoted to tutorials and pep files on here somewhere.

It would be really cool to see this batsuit replicated, as it's quite unique and could look really good!

Good luck, I hope I helped a bit :\


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Yeah I know the process of mask making and everything and I've found a pep file that I'm thinking about using. What I want to try to do is make the cowl seamless with the rest of the suit, like not being able to visibly tell the difference in materials. I'm thinking of using the Azbat pep file, cutting away the excess around the mouth and using that as a shell. I just don't know how I'm going to do the detail on the ears and jaw and the lenses. Skinning the cowl might also be another challenge haha
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