Just wrapped my film noir short ...


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As some of you may already know, (the intrepid few who have ever clicked my signature) I have been working on a film noir short that I wrote and directed for the past several months.

After five total shooting days and 75 gigs of HD footage, we just wrapped principal photography. For anyone interested, we have our blog which has links to our successful kickstarter campaign which allowed us to make the movie, and an article from a local paper that helped get people there to pledge.

It's been an awesome experience, and reviewing the footage every day makes me incredibly excited to begin the edit.

I though I'd share a few pictures and our teaser poster:










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What camera do you use?

It was shot on a Canon T2i.

The DP and I both own one, which you would think would be great for two-camera setups, but we ended up doing it almost entirely with one camera. I found the tests we did with two slowed me down. I know what I want. Also, most of those scenes that could have benefited from a two-camera setup, I wanted to play so close to the line that the other camera would've been in picture.


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looks nice :) im also doing shooting for a short right now with the T2i (its 550d here, but its the same ;) ) mine is a more shining-hitchcocky short tho :)


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looks nice :) im also doing shooting for a short right now with the T2i (its 550d here, but its the same ;) ) mine is a more shining-hitchcocky short tho :)

It's a great camera. No trouble with it at all during the shoot.

It's funny, one of our actors (hint: the old guy) kept trying to convince us to go "more Hitchcock." He was saying things and making suggestions that would never fly on a professional set, but as this was a casual shoot, he felt open to throw out whatever popped into his head. Pretty hilarious in retrospect. "Hey Nick, you ever think about shooting this scene from real low, you know, Hitchcock style?" :lol

Nevermind that I had already explained how and why were were shooting the scene the way we were, and that we were more inspired by 40s/50s noir. Billy Wilder more than Hitch. He wouldn't have it. He made that damn Hitchcock suggestion in several different scenes, and it became a running gag with the crew.


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Haven't updated this in a while, but I just finished the editing of this short, and we're having a small premiere screening tomorrow evening. Very excited to finally be done!

Also, here's a poster I haven't yet shared here:


And here's one we whipped up to promote the local screening, with a bit of holiday cheek:



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Wicked awesome, Nick! :D

Very warm congratulations.

Thanks, guys!

Looks good! I really like the title too.

I appreciate that, man. It was a long time coming, flip flopping between titles before landing on this one. Glad there's someone out there that likes it, too. :lol (I had no illusions when I chose it, there would be people that either snickered or flat our hated it.)

Congratulations. Many talk, some start, fewer finish. You're a rare bird. :)

Thank you, it was an uphill climb all the way, and finally starting to be worth it.


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This sounds pretty cool, congrats! Will it be available online?

It won't be available online immediately, as I'd like to submit it to a few festivals and they generally frown upon submitted films being readily available online. (Makes sense, bring people to the festival by showing things you can't just find on youtube.)

After I've gotten some mileage on that front, I'll definitely be putting it up online.
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