Just watched City Of Ember

Wes R

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Wasn't as bad as I'd thought but I'd have liked to have seen more detail on what led them to get underground and see more of the surface. The entire storyline felt like a kid friendly Fallout from the underground city and corrupt leader and his cronies to the escape. The ending was a letdown. I know there were 3 books in the series though.


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I really liked the movie, and the book, especially the design of the movie. The other two books are only ok imo - the second one is a sequel and the third is a prequel. They do explain a lot more, but I just didn't enjoy them as much as the first.

Wes R

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They did a great job designing the movie. I loved that the designs of the lifeboats actually made them look like they were lockers, which makes me think maybe they were designed to work as lockers on top of being boats.
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