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Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by wholesomejoe, Jun 3, 2015.

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    I sculpted a ninja turtle mask in Monster Clay and getting it smooth was a lesson in patience. I'm not starting to sculpt the legs/arms and I've swapped to WED clay (per a friend's recommendation).

    My question is.. my armature is a duct tape copy of my forearm/hand filled with foam. The foam didn't get totally hard in some places, but it's still somewhat firm. Will that affect my ability to sculpt on it with WED clay? Also, what steps do I need to take to keep it from drying out? I am working on this for a con that is 95 days away, so I intend to have it done pretty fast, but with Monster clay I was able to just leave it out in the open for days/weeks without worrying about it.
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    Hi, i use WED a lot, you should have no trouble sculpting over your arm, i keep sculpts covered with clingfilm and spritz with water to keep the clay moist, as long as its covered up inbetween sculpting sessions you'll be fine
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    Depending on the thickness of the clay; a squishy armature might be annoying. And to keep it from drying, you spritz it and wrap it in a clear plastic bag in between sculpting sessions. I stress: clear. I tried using a black garbage bag and it started growing mold.

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