Just starting out need advice


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Hi all I am completely new to making things but found out I'm actually quite good at sculpting with fimo polymer clay.
I want to make a mold & heard that sulphur is a no go is there a specific silicone/rubber that is ok with sulphur?.
Can anyone recommend some polymers & silicones on the less expensive side.

Thank you I'm in the u.k.


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I'm not sure if fimo contains sulphur I have searched to no avail,sculpey is sulphur free?. Thanks for the link,what are the do's and don't's with moulding?
Can I mold anything in one piece or do you have to make parts separate? I'm completely new & need all the advice I can get thanks.

I love the work on therpf it has inspired me.

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I've only molded a few things.
Complex objects tend to require 2 or more pieces preferably with a mother mold to keep everything together and lined up.
Smaller simple ones can be done as one piece and cut down the side (for removal of parts)

Figures are usually 2 part mold with arms, legs and even heads as well as any accessories as separate molds depending on the piece and size.
Some of the intricate kit's I've seen have over 50 or more parts.


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Thanks I will look into two part molds as I want to create figures and also dioramas with characters,I have tons of Ideas but it's knowing what to use.


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My standard message for new people: change your thread ttle to something more specific to your question to generate more answers and participation in this discussion.