Just starting Iron Man MK1 cave suit


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DSCF5661.JPG DSCF5667.JPG Hi everyone. I'm starting Iron Man MK1 - thank you to JF and Eye of Sauron for the unfolds. I've made a Mk4 before from foam. This is my first attempt at a full hard suit -cardboard/resin/fibreglass etc and i'm equal part excited and worried that I'll mess it up. What I'm liking so far is being able to be messy with the glue gun - hopefully, it'll look like welding after the paint. Fingers crossed. I've chucked in a photo of my MK4 and just completed stormtrooper for no particular reason. DSCF5574.JPG DSCF5575.JPG DSCF5576.JPG DSCF5577.JPG
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Read about a faux welding technique on this forum used by the original Rocketeer helmet makers, which was squeezing car body filler out of syringe along seam lines. As you lay the filler, indent the nozel of the syringe into the line you've piped and (if done properly) it should look like molten metal beading.

That Mk. 4 suit looks cool chilling with the raw unpainted Storm Trooper.


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Arc reactor finished. First half of MK1 helmet nearly done and I'm really pleased with it so far. Resin has arrived!





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Your suit looks awesome! Would you mind me asking where you got the arc reactor from? Or if you built it yourself, could you possibly steer me in the right direction? I too am working on a Mk-1 suit, but since this is my first build I have absolutely no idea what I am doing and would appreciate any advice you could offer.


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I made it myself. There are loads of arc reactor tutorials out there Nazarene. You will be fine. I used a christmas pudding tub, lots of leds, gold wiring and just kind of cobbled it together. The coolest thing though is I ve built a small metal plate under the chest and the arc reactor, which has magnets on the base, can be popped in and out. I m close to finish, its been a trip, good luck on your build. I looked at your first photos...looking good so far.
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