Just received my TDK suit!


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Wanted to show off GothamCity Fx's work! This came from the idea of being a Batman that visits the Children's hostpial. Unfortunately, my original suit was 100% latex, and the hospital campus is latex-free. So, I started a GoFundMe campaign and within a month, had the funds to purchase this beauty. I joined this group looking for ideas and thoughts, and found some amazing people, and amazing work! I wanted to share the work that was done for me by, again, GothamCity FX. They do all kinds of other projects too, not just Batman. But they were courteous and professional on all levels, and this is what I got!


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Normally I don't chime in but I also agree about the gofundme not seeming right. I mean everytime I see someone saying they are doing it for charity so they can do hospital visits I wonder why they need a $2,000 costume. I mean no offense but a low quality Batman is worth just as much as a high quality Batman to a kid with cancer.