Just discovered Lloyd Bridges in Sea Hunt.

Wes R

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Thanks to my new TV I get HD channels on basic cable we never knew existed. Including several out of cleveland that make TV Land seem lame when it comes to variety of shows all the way up until the mid 70s. One of them I have taken a liking to is Sea Hunt, for the time it isn't that cheesy and surprised me the other day by even mentioning Diabetes as a major plot point. It also made me think that the diving scene in Hot Shots 2 with Bridges was a tribute as the voice over style was the same as he has in the show.
The one channel has saturday and sundays evenings of scifi shows and other goodies. To be honest now that i have these stations and the near a dozen PBS stations of all sorts I don't need many other channels. I just wish I'd known about this show sooner.


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I used to work where they filmed the series. The security guard there was Lloyd's stunt double for all the diving scenes.

Dunno how true it is, but the story goes that Lloyd once saw a snake in the water and refused to do diving scenes, so they hired Leon, who looked close enough, especially with a diving mask on.


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It pays to scan for stations over the air. I get several stations like this that are sub-channels to the main local stations. It took a couple of them 2 years to be picked up on local cable, and a couple still aren't.


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I caught a couple recently, too--first time for me. They're interesting, but very simple plots. Very. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
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