Jurassic World: Velociraptor Clicker Training


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Have been thinking about this for a while, the clicker Owen uses in Jurassic World[see attachment below] is not a regular clicker, so my question is, does the clicker he appears to be using in that model(most clickers are a small remote shaped device, this one seems square with a side clip that resembles THIS that he presses in] actually exist or was it custom made for the movie?

To those confused, a clicker is commonly used to train animals such as dogs, followed by the owner or trainer throwing a treat, such as seen in the movie with the velociraptor pack. THIS is a clicker.

I look forward to your answers :)


P.S: Sorry, I could only find one photo of Chris Pratt using the clicker that wasn't completely blinded by sunlight.


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I wish I could find something that cheap in the UK. All the clickers I've seen are £22 or more which is almost three times the price of that one!
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