JURASSIC WORLD Owen Grady Costume


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Can anyone that has the Dragon Leatherworks multi-tool pouch tell me what weight the leather is or how thick it is? I want to try to make it as I am new to leatherworking.


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Here's my 'toy' version of the knife and sheath....

IMG_20180929_091859_834.jpg IMG_20180929_091859_830.jpg IMG_20180929_091859_836.jpg IMG_20180929_091859_828.jpg IMG_20180929_091859_832.jpg

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An update on the gun. The closest thing in detail to a Marlin Model 1895SBL I've found in an airsoft/air rifle/BB gun is the classic Daisy Red Ryder, which you'll have to paint and add a cheap $10 scope to though that is not too difficult. There's a few online tutorials just a Google search away! For the scope, both Daisy and Crosman make ones that are compatible but none that appear screen accurate. For that, I would go with something like this. It's the same shape as the scope Grady has on his gun in the film.

As for the strap, I haven't been able to ID that yet. It appears to be black canvas and rubber with vertical slots that hold bullets. Curious if our friends from Dragon Leatherworks made that too?!

View attachment 478582
Here's the strap:

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Anyone know if there’s a way to still get the leather man pouch?
On Etsy-- Jurassic World Owen Grady REAL LEATHER Multi Tool Holder - Etsy

I messaged the craftsman, Kameron. He made one for me, asking if it was for cosplay or daily, what mutitool you were using it with, etc. He just finished mine, so I have't seen it yet. Between the pics are his attention to detail, it's a pretty good deal. I will post a review with pics when I get it


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