Jurassic World Owen Grady and Blue The Raptor Cosplay WIP


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So I saw the movie opening day, and being a chis Pratt fan, I had to cosplay him as Grady Owen at least once. Me and my buddy Logan always cosplay together and our costumes usually have something to do with each other. Drax and Rocket the racoon (Guardians Of Eastern Illinois University), Shazam and Thor (Thunder Buddies), and now Owen Grady and Blue The Raptor (The Raptor Bros) Owen Grady will be easy thanks to the intense research put into this thread { http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=237900 } by MartyMcPhly. GO SEE HIS COSTUME! it is awesome, looks spectacular, and unlike my sad prepubescent beard growing abilities his scruff is real!!! Any changes I make are only because I am cheap, because his costumes screen accuracy is incredible. You will being seeing progress in the Owen costume but what this thread will mainly be focusing on is, Blue The Raptor!
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Now I would like to also throw in a gimmick to the costume set. My hope is that, I will have on bicycle for Owen Grady, and a special bike with an attached tail, so the raptor bros can go riding together!!
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