Jurassic world mosquito in amber - advice please


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Having a go at a replica of the amber slices seten in the recent JW preview pics /website. I have the mold ready to go and have tried a few combinations of different resins, with dried and alcohol preserved Mosquitos with varying results.
If any one has any advice on a source for large Mosquitos or crane flies in the uk, or a suitable resin (one that will give the right colour and not heat up too much - it boils the insects) I'd really appreciate it. I think dried specimens is the way to go, as one crane fly that came preserved in alcohol produced a 'cloud' of alcohol as the resin heated up and hardened.
Thanks, Richard


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I have pretty much got the layer thing sorted, but it's more a suitable source of Mosquitos/ crane flies or if anyone had used a resin that might be suitable


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Maybe send Rylo here on the boards a message and he might give you some advice. He makes the best came replica out there.
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Ok, here's my three first attempts.
First one is too cloudy, and the insect cooked but it's the right colour.
Second one is crystal clear, but I didn't add enough pigment so it came out yellowish. I also waited too long before pouring the final layer so it cracked, and there's a weird bubble. I don't mind these imperfections, it's more the colour.
The last is the best. Colour came out fine and the mosquito is positioned well. I tried adding some fine gravel to the outside of the mould, but some of it came off into the resin. Actually looks more like a real amber inclusion, but not film accurate enough for me.

So, I have two small preserved crane flies left, so will have another go soon. Still looking for large crane flies, either flying about or online if any one knows of a good source online I would be grateful.


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Right, latest attempt. Got the pigment mix right I think. Also worked out the correct ratio that sandwich the mosquito. Have worked out the strange bubble is the alcohol evaporating as the resin sets, and even though I thought I dried it out, there was obviously some left in it's body. So have to use dried / frozen crane flys. It is interesting that some of the actual props have these bubbles that connect to the bottom, which shows that they were cast upside down. I will have to just wait for some crane flies to turn up now!

Mike J.

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Well, you could always drill out those bubbles and say that it was an already harvested mosquito.


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DSCF0019 (2).JPG DSCF0104.JPG I made several jurassic rock items a few years ago and I got my Crane flies from the spider webs in my garage I set them in eggs,rocks experimenting produced some unusual results the rocks in the picture are not painted.I poured half of the egg inserted crane fly and poured the other half perhaps it was the fact of being dried they stayed intact I never had one boiled. Air drying them may be the way to go If they are frozen they must contain water bodily fluids ? this will not help the resin. I have just posted one of the rocks on E-Bay UK http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jurassic-Park-resin-amber-rock-film-prop-/231526752362?.

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oh man, I seen these on the JW website and knew someone would be making these shortly... Amazing job rj young. wouldn't mind seeing a run in the next few months, just my two cents ;)


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Thanks for the comments. I wouldn't mind doing a run, but am really struggling on the cranefly front. I have one in my freezer which I'll have a go with at the weekend. Also have some more accurate amber pigment on the way.


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man! i started this the other day too, if you dip the fly in un-activated resin before casting it may help, i cast some spiders years ago and remember doing that for some reason.
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