Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


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Re: Jurassic World sequel

Only 2 weeks earlier than Black Panther, I guess T'Challa gets no respect.

That summer is looking insane.

May 4 - Avengers Infinity Wars Pt 1
May 18 - Lego Movie sequel
May 25 - Han Solo Anthology film
Jun 8 - Godzilla 2
Jun 15 - untitled Pixar film
Jun 22 - Jurassic World sequel
Jun 29 - HTTYD 3
Jul 6 - Black Panther
Jul 27 - Aquaman

Plopping JW2 right between Godzilla and HTTYD is gonna be interesting, that's alotta reptile in a 4-week span!
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cayman shen

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Re: Jurassic World sequel

I LOVED JW, and I'm on board with this inevitable sequel. But what the in the hell could it possibly be ABOUT?


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Re: Jurassic World sequel

I hope BD Wong is the villain, and that Chris Pratt gets to share the screen with Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, or both.

Mr Mold Maker

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Re: Jurassic World sequel

As terrible as Jurassic World was story wise, it was a very fun movie.

I hope they focus more on Henry Wu and his other "enhanced" dinosaurs, and less on "developing" characters for half of a movie...and not paying off on a single one of them.

Over all, definitely down for a sequel. Even in that packed Summer.


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Re: Jurassic World sequel

Euro-Jurassic not working properly? They send their best man: Owen

Then the Tokyo park gets hit by an earthquake, the Fukushima plant gets wiped-out, then a giant T-Rex emerges out of the water in San Diego - much bigger and nastier than in Lost World...


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Re: Jurassic World sequel

I assume it will be about Owen and Claire getting pulled back in to Masrani/InGen's efforts to repair the park, or they'll need to thwart someone else's plans to clone dinosaurs for evil because of Dr. Wu's efforts...

Tribal Spaceman

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Re: Jurassic World sequel

I'd hate if they went down the 'militarised dinosaurs' route like they teased in Jurassic World.

Really want a big chunk of the action to take place on Isla Nublar. Or Isla Sorna. And they better bring back the Dilophosaurus. It's been 22 years already! I'm hoping they find an implausible way to reopen the park for the sequel, or at least have people trying to make that happen. It could be a commentary on the way theme parks continue to operate after tragedies occur, or something.


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Re: Jurassic World sequel

I'd love to see a scenario where the dinosaurs get out to the public, as seen in JP2. I think if there was like a Jaws plot with the Mosasaurus it would be pretty cool.

Like a escaped water dinosaur rather than another land movie, of course these are just my sleep deprived thoughts, I'll probably feel different in about an hour. :p


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Re: Jurassic World sequel

The idea of human/dino hybrids has been kicked around by the franchise developers since the 1990s. It's a matter of time IMO.

But doing a movie about extra menacing humans would be a letdown in a dino-centered franchise. So I'm thinking the hybrids won't be scarier humans, they will be smarter dinosaurs. Maybe things like manual dexterity, language, etc.


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Re: Jurassic World sequel

Think about it, Wu escapes with the DNA, and they were trying to get Dinos for the Military...so, Jurassic World II: Dino War!
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