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    I can't ID this polo for the life of me. The same polo seems to be worn by different employees in blue, brown, and possibly khaki/tan. two pockets on the * with two buttons, and shoulder epaulettes. I can't imagine this was custom made. I was wondering if anyone could help. Thank you!
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    Has anyone had any luck? I think I've tried every search term I could think of. Military, safari, double button pocket, epaulet, etc. I figured a style like this would be more available. I've also been looking on eBay and blank shirt wholesale sites.
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    The polo shirts were made by Port Authority.

    The staff in the "Jurassic Traders" pop-up shop which was in Waterloo station over the summer were wearing the same design as seen on screen and on the website, and were kind enough to show me the label.

    I have contacted Port Authority but I think they misunderstood my message as they told me they do not have any JW merchandise! I cannot find this design anywhere which makes me wonder if they put in a custom order for the movie.
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