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I'm sad to see no one else has started this! I thought Bryce Dallas Howard was badass as Claire in Jurassic World. I'm looking to find screen accurate pieces for my own curiosity but I'll be building on a budget, so will also be posting cheaper alternatives where I can.

Bryce wears pretty much the same outfit all the way through the film. Nude heels, a white skirt, a white blouse, a white jacket (not worn through the whole film), a lavender tank top worn under the blouse and a white stretch belt that is discarded part of the way through the film. She also wears a rose gold bar necklace, a rose gold ring on her index finger, a rose gold bracelet and a rose gold watch.

Beth.jpg View attachment ZORtfeh.jpg still008.jpg jurassic.jpg 4f28187d-af94-46c3-a5f6-d6a04806c253-2060x1236.jpeg sg2tT54.jpg

As far as I can tell, the only things that seems to have been definitively ID'd online are her shoes and her necklace.


They are Sam Edelman "Camdyn" in Nude. I have a pair on order from eBay that I can post photos of when they arrive, but for now here's a comparison with online photos.

3k7q1zB.jpg Jurassic-World1.jpg 1390580868-29538100.jpg camdynclassicnude-4.jpg


Jennifer Meyer Rose Gold Layering Stick Necklace, available here. The website lists it as "18 karat rose gold. A thin stick that measures 1" across and is on a 16" 14 karat gold chain." At $500 it's a little out of my price range at the moment so I'm looking into alternatives.



On a hunch, given the necklace was Jennifer Meyer, I looked through her other stuff and I've ID'd the bracelet and rings.

jewellery1.png jewellery2.png
501840178_product_1.jpg 72389443.jpg 87977271.jpg

Jennifer Meyer Bar Bracelet in Rose Gold, rose gold Bar Ring and Circle Ring.

Tank top

The closest I've found so far is either this from Forever 21 in Lavender (left), or Hanro 'Touch Feeling' in Shadow Purple from Nordstrom.

forever21.jpg hanrosofttouch.jpg

I'm still working on IDing the rest :)
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Looking around I found this site about her blazer.
It links to a George Women's Ponte Jacket sold by Walmart.
It looks fairly accurate but the material doesn't seem that great. Somehow I doubt Claire Dearing would be shopping at Walmart for her blazers.
I'll keep looking.


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Just found this blazer
61P2bVuW8iL._UL1500_.jpg 61yfnovah6L._UL1500_.jpg
Looks like it's a much higher quality than the first one.
I'm looking into the belt as well to see if I can track anything down.

Update: After looking at some pics of the blazer I noticed that it has a very thin lapel.
Also here's the best picture I can find of the belt:
I thought it was a gold belt but from this shot it looks a bit more copper. IDK the color could just be off due to lighting or something.
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I do believe this is going to be my girlfriend's very first costume for this Halloween. Nice find on the above items! For the necklace we were planning to hit up Earthbound and a few other "tricket" stores that are usually located in shopping malls. I think we'll be able to find a close alternative (or I hope so at least)!


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I wouldn't trust anything that Spylight says, they suggested that she wore a pair of shoes that were completely the wrong style so I doubt the rest of their suggestions are right!

I have long brown hair so have been looking into wigs to complete the outfit. So far the best I've found is from Arda Wigs - Adam in AR015 Warm Light Brown.
AR015_BACK_eeee67ec-2940-4b9e-8f12-7f458f6f7891_1024x1024.jpg AR015_FRONT_3365c9ab-6114-480f-a8c8-f5fe61898f41_1024x1024.jpg AR015_SIDE_21b0ad0e-a467-4c90-9cc8-5fa0becc4867_1024x1024.jpg
On the same site there's also Katinka which is a bit longer at the front and comes in Pumpkin AR011 which is a bit more vivid than Claire's hair, and I'm pondering the Jane wig in Warm Light Brown because Bryce's hair was a bit messier and curlier towards the end of the film.

AR011_SIDE_a1dcaf45-3e80-43e3-a6c0-d8a6363e81b9_1024x1024.jpg AR011_FRONT_bd49bb75-5b60-4541-b70a-0ab0a4e0bf27_1024x1024.jpg AR011_BACK_ba9532d2-e36f-46ea-bcb5-87032d7cb409_1024x1024.jpg DSC_0231_1024x1024.jpg DSC_0230_1024x1024.jpg DSC_0232_1024x1024.jpg
I'm completely new to the world of wigs so if anyone has any alternative suggestions (preferably UK based or with UK delivery) please post them!

Also here are some photos someone kind (I'm sorry, I forget who!) posted on the Owen Grady thread. Might help ID the jacket? (Apologies if they've uploaded sideways, my computer is being weird)

uploadfromtaptalk1434733317099.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1434733330948.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1434733343443.jpg

As for the belt, I haven't been able to ID an exact one yet but I've found one that could do as a cheap alternative on Amazon.



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I agree with Jodo on the second wig option. Also, good work on finding a belt that's close and the jewelry. I have a feeling that the blazer was custom made for the shoot and matching that narrow lapel has been tough. Anyone have contact with any of the costume people to confirm or deny this?
If anyone throws something together I'd be interested in what they went with.


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First of all I want to say thank you to everyone for posting in this thread! I am putting together a Claire cosplay for SDCC and all the information on this particular thread has been tremendously helpful! I have a few things to recommend for anyone else cosplaying as Claire.

Wig. The wig was hard for me as well but I had a lucky find at a local beauty supply store and I think I got it right! The wig is by Sepia and is called Party Page. I spoke with some people at a location that actually had the color in stock and they referenced it with pictures of Claire and said the color 130 is the closest in color. In case anyone is interested, here is a pic of the wig. http://www.mountainbeautysupply.com/prod_img/_1404835722.gif

I was recently at Foreign Exchange and found a sheer white button down shirt for only $21 and bought that. http://www.feclothing.com/button-down-shirt.html

The lavender tank I found at H&M. http://www.hm.com/us/product/30283?article=30283-J#article=30283-K

I ordered a white skirt from Coolibar that is very close to what she wears. http://www.coolibar.com/product/ZnO-High-Tide-Skirt/156297.uts?keyword=skirt

The shoes, of course, were from Ebay and I ordered an ID badge from a seller on Etsy.

Please keep in mind that the wig I am wearing in the above shot is NOT the correct color, the 130. This is the Party Page wig in a light brown color, #14. I will be receiving the correct color either today or tomorrow.

Lastly, what is Claire without her T-Rex? I purchased this little guy to carry around with me. http://www.amazon.com/Jurassic-World-Tyrannosaurus-Rex-Plush/dp/B00XM3B6IM

I'm debating on making a fake flare to carry as well but it really depends on time.

My necklace I located at Michael's for $.49. It may not be rose gold but it is a bar necklace and can't beat the price!
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