Jurassic World "Baby Blue" Raptor Hatchling

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    One of my costumes for this year is going to be Owen Grady from Jurassic World and even though I love the costume and (hopefully) will look screen-accurate (with all of the kudos there going to the RPF), it's obviously not the most terribly distinct looking wardrobe. So, I wanted to add some accessories to it, to make it immediately identifiable and I thought the best thing obviously would be to have a raptor in tow. Regrettably, a life-size raptor on a leash isn't an option so, inspired by this fan art, I decided that a baby raptor would be perfect.

    Because I am not adept at sculpting/casting, I did the easiest alternative and bought an old Hasbro Jurassic Park III raptor hatchling toy (previously also made for the first two films -- all basically have the same design just in varying colors), intent on painting it to match the raptors featured in Jurassic World. I chose to go with the color scheme of the raptor Blue because she's the "hero" raptor and has the most distinct markings.

    This was the first time I've ever really tried to paint a model/prop and I think it turned out pretty well though I have to give a bunch of credit to the toy because despite being an otherwise unremarkable, 15-year-old, regular-priced toy, it has a beautifully detailed sculpt.

    Anyway, below are photos from the original burgundy/red all the way through the final paint job (I still need to put some clear-coat on her and maybe a bit of gloss on the claws but otherwise, she is done). It's actually hard to find a good, hi-res, full-body, well-lit (or just evenly-lit) shot of Blue's coloring so I just sort of did as best as I could, based on the various glimpses I could find of the adult Blue. There ended up being shades of beige, gold, grey, dark blue, dark green, light green, white, and brown in her skin.

    11728903_10101482047576907_655349764008034276_o (1).jpg 11539229_10101482047522017_4710138954904268953_o.jpg 11221772_10101482047472117_68186162031945066_n.jpg
    11209686_10101482047517027_4914913106503077957_n.jpg 11218843_10101484099933967_8792983897622882396_n.jpg tumblr_nr7ahfhexQ1qz75h7o1_1280.jpg

    tumblr_nr79qakOr41qz75h7o9_1280.jpg tumblr_nr79qakOr41qz75h7o10_1280.jpg tumblr_nr79qakOr41qz75h7o5_1280.jpg
    tumblr_nr79qakOr41qz75h7o3_1280.jpg tumblr_nr79qakOr41qz75h7o2_1280.jpg tumblr_nr79qakOr41qz75h7o1_1280.jpg

    I'd love to do more of these (in the Blue colorway or otherwise) but tracking down this toy on eBay is not easy and more importantly, not cheap (I got lucky with mine because someone misspelled Jurassic Park in the auction listing and apparently didn't research the regular asking price for the toy). I may have to learn how to cast and mold her, so that I can keep cranking out baby Raptors and not bankrupt myself.

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    The baby raptor looks great.

    Yes learn to mold and cast. It is fun :)
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    Excellent job! One thing about that toy, are the eyes, it helps your Blue to look more real.
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    Yes! I was lucky that the yellow matched with Blue's eyes -- I would've had little to no idea how to easily replace the eyes.

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