Jurassic Park: The Game Deluxe Edition Goodies


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Since I preordered the JP game, I received a package today with the deluxe edition of the game. It's really neat. The package itself is made to look like an InGen new employee starter kit. It has the InGen logo on the top and things like 'Site:A Team' and InGen's address printed on the sides. Inside the box, there is the game disc (obviously), but also a JP iron on patch, a temporary staff ID, a replica of the tour brochure, a field guide book, and a letter from John Hammond. I will update with some pictures in a few minutes!

Edit. Never mind with the pictures. I guess this has already been covered in a different thread. I'll just upload my pictures somewhere else. :rolleyes
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Ah my bad. I couldn't have known since I am a new member and I don't have access to the off-topic forum yet...

Don't beat me up onkelpsycho.... :$

Nevermind with the pictures.
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