Jurassic Park Shock Prod


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This is something I've been working on for a little while now for a bigger project I have in store.
Thanks to Cyrix9445 I learned quite a bit more about this project in his thread here:

since I've yet to procure my own Mares spearguns and am running short on project deadline I needed to come up with an alternative. This is the build log of my first generation shock prods. Eventually in the future I will strive for a more accurate version, but for now I will work to make this current setup as close as I can get.

Anyways since I lacked some of the vital components of the original I had to get crafty. For the grip base I elected to use the NERF nightfire (or something like that) since it shared some characteristics that were very favorable and would be easy to procure.


After cleaning off a significant portion of the gun I layed it out here to get an idea of fitting. I found the 1" pvc I was hoping to use was just slightly too big to use all the way inside. 3/4" pvc happened to fit perfectly inside so I decided that I would use the 3/4" to go inside the 1" and join the main tube to the grip that way.



As I secured the grip to the 1" I then started using gap filling foam to create a solid base on which to apply bondo onto later as well as to help further secure the pvc.


I also started work on the end of the prod as well. Since I lacked the speargun end I had to make do with parts and shapes I found around various sores. It isn't pretty as I'd like it to be, but after some foam and bondo it will be cleaned up more to try and be a closer representation of the screen used items.



I for a test I bent some copper to get a feel for the size and fitting, but that bit is going to be reworked. AS it stands this is where the project is until I can get some more work in (Prop building in between a college schedule ain't always easy!). Soon enough the body work is going to be cleaned up and work on electronics can begin.

Also I'm looking for a litlte help on a few things, while many parts have been id'd I need some help in identifying the project boxes used on the back, the large o ring bands on the tube, and perhaps some of the bits seen on the end. If anyone has a lead please do chime in. Thanks for looking!
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Also I wanted to adress the length issue. In the other thread the overall length is 48.5 inches or something like that. I decided to go a bit longer based on this photo:


I feel like that overall length listed did not include the copper at the end.
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Lot's of work done.

first layer of bondo applied.


Front being reworked


Grip after bondo (still a few touch up spots left)



With some primer on the grip, lighting wasn't optimal though.


Should have more to come for you guys soon. Hoping to finish this one up within a week.


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Looks good! Is that the same nerf gun people are using to scratch build Terra Nova pistols from?

You may be able to hook up a little LED or something in there, hmm


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Thnanks! It is indeed the same nerf gun. Our original plan was to hook up led strobes in the copper, but due to time restraints we are going to save that for the next version that will be built off the actual spearguns.


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Yes, I'm working on procuring the cable as sometime this week hopefully. I'm working on another bigger project as well so I am unsure if this particular model will have its electronics hooked up, but I do intend to have the coil wrapping around it. I still need to find a good black bag for it to go into as well as identifying that project box.

For the next version having all the main power units and such will probably all be housed on the user's person. I don't know how much of the inside of the spearguns I'll be able to clear out. Hopefully should get those in hand Friday too. I'll combine that build with this thread probably.


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Alright got a nice big update for this project. It has been a very busy weekend!

Got the actual spearguns!

First paint for nerf based. It is a whopper in size, may end up cutting some down, but for now we like its imposing reach. I know I don't want to get too close to a raptor!

Quick photo in workshop



More to come of course nearly done with gen 1. Work for the speargun based ones begins after Mega.

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