Jurassic park shipping crate label?


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i'm making a gift for a friend and i need some stuff to put on a shipping crate going to jurrasic park or coming from jurassic park.

shipping lables, logos. ec.

is there anything out there? i already looked a bit but didnt find what i wanted


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thx, loads of god stuff in there but nothing really to put on shipping crates though
Probably need to just modify some of the existing items then. Should be easy to take the JP logo off one thing and add it to another. Use some of the warning/caution signs in the thread and change the words below to reference live animals, etc. A general stencil could also be used to add details on the package.

Since you're not making a "copy" of anything that already exist, you should be able to use about anything.


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this is the start of the crate, its not the right wood but time is pressing and so is money

the quality is not good, but i'll take better later


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the gift has been given so adjustments are not gonna work anymore.

in case people were wondering, the QR code says "happy birthday sebastiaan" the birthday boy