Jurassic Park RV Restoration Team


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Hey guys, allow me to share with you a major project that is right up your alley. The restoration of 1 of 3 FleetwoodRV's from The Lost World. This huge endeavor is being handled by some of the SoCal members of the Jurassic Park Motor Pool (JPMP). The project is being documented by theAficionauto, a member of JPMP and owner of JP29 based out of Hollywood, CA.

Our goal is to get this beast road worthy so that we can one day share this major prop with JP fans, and maybe gain a few more along the way. ;)

Check out theAficionauto's mini web series which is NOT limited to Jurassic Park movie cars.

If you've enjoyed this series, we would appreciate it if you would consider sharing this project via social media.
Help us spare no expense in bringing this behemoth back to life, make a donation below

Thank you!
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