Jurassic Park - Nedry's Squeeze Toy Brand Comparisons!


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The little rubber squeeze toy that Nedry can be scene squeezing in a few scenes in Jurassic Park is usually referred to as "Panic Pete", but it goes by other names as well. Bug Out Bob, Martian Popping Thing and also Obie Doll.

First off, movie screens:

Next, Panic Pete. Pete is completely incorrect. His ear things are completely round balls and on thin stems, the eyes are too bugged out when not being squeezed, and the features on the "skin" around the eyes and "shirt" area are too faint.

Bug Out Bob and Martian Popping Thing appear to be identical and I would be surprised if the same factory in China was making them both. They are a match to the movie toy, though looking at "skin" color, Bug Out Bob appears to be a tad darker and matches the movie screenshot closer.

Obie Doll... This is the only image I could find of this ugly thing. Just.... No.

So there ya go. This is how I wasted my lunch break today :)