Jurassic Park Jeep #15

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    As much as I wanted to do the project myself, I have opted to have my Jeep fully restored by a professional company. The company will be fully restoring a 1994 YJ Sahara into a nearly 100% movie accurate Jurassic Park Jeep for me. They have been sending me pictures as they make progress on the vehicle and I will continually update its page.
    The only differences from my Jeep to the film Jeep will be the model of lights on the light bar, model of winch, and the number on the vehicle. I wanted to set my vehicle apart in some way from many of the other fan made replicas of JP Jeeps, many of which use the numbers seen in the movie, 10,12, 18, and 29. Through some searching, I found that this year's number of 15(2015) hasn't been claimed by any of the members of the group I'm in. And so it was decided, JP15 would be made. The restoration company is expecting to have the full job done by late October.
    Anybody who wants to follow the progress of my Jurassic Park Jeep's full restoration can follow it here:


    Once I'm home from this deployment I will be buying a Power Wheels Jeep and making that into a mini Jurassic Park Jeep for nighttime adventures around conventions. I will post pictures of that directly here when I start that project.
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    Good luck! Here's my #15 (sorry) that I completed last year... also with my Power Wheels Jeep with square headlights

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