Jurassic Park Ford Explorer Toy Upgrade


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LOL you're right - I don't really do "quick & easy"!

This hobby taught me the true meaning of "crafting", at a loftier level - having the eye and the vision, and the drive to keep working until you reach that vision...
I have no room to talk either. Be ripping a part off a few times til it looks right. Sand it down, repaint.
Speaking of that, I started painting my bathroom back in November. While the store did mix the blue incorrect, and that did force me to repaint that part, I still keep finding little issues, or a part where the line where two colors touching isn't perfectly straight, or whatever.....4 months later....I'm ALMOST finish.


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Slapped some more red paint on this.



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Nice and bright.

The deeper red works so much better for me...

There is some overspray on the beige where the skylight rests that I will clean up.

The red on the A-pillar will be brushed.
The B-pillar goes flat black.
The red on the rear quarter is a sticker (same as the hood), and is nearly close enough to work, but I may blend in the dark red with a brush.

Then a heavy, glossy, clear coat over the entire beast.


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I ended up removing all the stickers except the hood.

I'll re-purpose the graphics, but the red blobs on the doors will be custom-masked and spray painted. The red blobs on the rear quarter panels will be done by spraying clear packing tape with red paint and creating my own stickers.


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You can see a small amount of the original red on the B-Pillar, and see the stark difference. I really do like the darker red...

Thinking that with the various elements of the finish (Testor's enamel, original plastic, original paint, original vinyl stickers, custom-made Avery-brand new stickers), I will need to use a liquid acrylic floor wax (inert) as the clear coat.

I think Pledge has replaced Future...


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I ordered some Pledge off Amazon. Prayers....

Soooooooo..........I figure you are like me and take on too many things at once and had to put this one to the side for a while.
Still wanted to check.

I also finally got the chance to make my Jurassic Park short for my work.
Its a minute and a half, yet took over 20 hours to get everything finished. And of course, the mic I had plugged in the phone decided not to work for pretty much every shot, but like two. So all sound had to be recreated as well.
Heres a link to the tiktok, hope it works correctly. Even without the app, it should open in a browser.


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