Jurassic Park Explorer POWER WHEEL

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    So while i was working on the Sweet Tooth Robby Royster was building his Jurrasic Park Explorer along side me. Here are some progress shots of it being built and where is at now.
    10929967_1405741479724786_4419609567282299316_n.jpg 10955217_1406239033008364_169988452281203486_n.jpg 10959837_1408764009422533_1062790648064185688_n.jpg 10897883_1409158096049791_2369927992061661097_n.jpg 10945718_1409158172716450_8108436284899163013_n.jpg 11017846_1417825068516427_7061459844425416124_n.jpg

    10979214_10152649558661444_1930413348_n.jpg 10984786_10152649546221444_1996377697_n.jpg 10991440_1417825018516432_8708736449778658081_n.jpg 1622208_1417824991849768_3213609660498461189_n.jpg
    8957_1417825218516412_5703014761103711130_n.jpg 1907393_1417825128516421_7992437223645466038_n.jpg 10994337_1417825145183086_8743085868161581514_n.jpg 1782149_1417825241849743_5721892137529508012_n.jpg 10999357_1417825305183070_6274889668854096927_n.jpg 1509926_1417825255183075_3349015280130755529_n.jpg 10999973_1417962138502720_1853832775414174737_n.jpg 1610890_1420028628296071_6181195986194764992_n.jpg
    Here is a reference picture of what i was trying to do.
    I have speakers installed that way i can blast the sounds of the game.

    (2) 36v 800watt electric motors
    (2) 36v 800 watt electric controllers
    (2) Band Brakes w/ bike handle grips
    (4) northern tool 12.5" wheels and tires
    1"x1" square tubing
    (1) power wheel Range Rover

    Robby Royster will be competing in the power racing series with The Jurrasic Rover this year.


    I also have a race team facebook page you should go check out
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    Ha ha, love it! :lol
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    Thats Awesome!!!
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    thanks Robby Royster is the builder of this one..

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