Jurassic Park - Embryo Storage Cryogenic Laboratory Unit


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Now that I have space and sourced the various materials needed for this project, I thought now is time to do the Jurassic Park Embryo Storage Cryogenic Unit (seen in the visitor centres lab facilities). This is the prop used to contain the dinosaur embryos in deep freeze, and where Dennis Nedry stole the embryos.

Unfortunately so far, I have only very limited reference images for this prop and lack mainly a good blueprint or sketch showing the dimensions and measurements. If anyone can enlighten me on the proportions of parts, I can get started right away. Here's what I have so far:


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AaaaaHHH! This one's on my list. I noticed it last time I was watching JP for research for the night vision goggles. I was thinking it would make a cool DVD storage tower, but I don't think it's really tall enough to hold much when closed.

I've never seen anything other than the screenshots. I took some, and if I have any different one's I'll post them in a minute once I get done dealing with these east dock sign vinyls...

Good luck