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Ive been making some gates for a few people now. At first it was myself then it was some friends then ive had a few peps online reach out to me so i thought i would ask here if anyone would be interested in a scale model of the jurassic park or world gate. It can be fully customised to what ever size you want as to how you want it. So either a basic kit or the fully finished item. Ive got a pic of my current model which was the first one i did. Im currently working on a new version which is actually with a more updated/ better file.
5.png Thumbnail.png NewJwGate.png
I am working on a way to get the fires to light up and etc. Maybe even 1 day have the whole thing be automated by the push of a button with the fire lighting up and the gates opening and closing along with some music.

In terms of price - It would heavily be different depending on what the person wants in terms of size, strength, detail and etc but my basic gates which ive been doing have been 17.5cm tall and about £60 for the basic kit and around £100 for a fully completed gate