Limited Run Jurassic Park and Jurassic World Hats, Shirts, Patches, and Lanyards

Michael Bergeron

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Jurassic World stuff is in. Prices are as follows:

- Jurassic World Patch - $10 each
- Jurassic World Lanyard - $6 each
- Jurassic World Navy Blue Hat - $30 each
- Jurassic World Brown Hat - $30 each

Prices don't include shipping. Shipping will depend on your location and order. These ship from Canada.



Jurassic Park stuff is happening. Prices will be:

- Jurassic Park Jeep Driver's Hat - $30
- Jurassic Park Vet Hat - $30
- Jurassic Park Pink Polo - $40*

Due to the very limited quantity of polos they will be first come first serve. This is the interest list thus far. Shirts will be offered in this order:

- FettMan22
- Wolfie
- Asian Inferno
- stevenentabita
- wdwuo
- eagle5740
- Vyger2002
- seatreader
- Husky3
- reaganrockz
- Bftomasello92
- KevinBGoode



Hey folks,

Been getting a lot of notes lately asking if I have any more of the Jurassic Park & World stuff I've done runs on here in the past. I'm currently in talks to hopefully do a second run of most of these products including:

- Jurassic Park Jeep driver's hat
- Jurassic Park Jeep driver's shirt
- Jurassic World patches
- Jurassic World lanyards
- Jurassic World brown hats
- Jurassic World navy blue hats

Not all items are 100% (we need to find a new vendor for the JP hats and shirts) but thought I'd post this so that people can express interest and I can update in one place. The success of the new film seems to have sparked renewed interest!
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Interested in 2 JP Jeep driver hats and a JW patch for sure. Possibly a JP Jeep driver shirt depending on price
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I might be in for the pink shirt! i have one of the old hats from Universal they used to sell but might be interested in one if it looks better than my Universal jeep drives hat lol

Asian Inferno

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I hope I didn't push to hard in my messages, I'm supremely grateful for the final hats from that original run. But I'd most definitely be interested in the driver shirt's, the lanyards, and the patches. Potentially more hats too for friends.


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I'm definetly interested in a Jurassic Park driver hat. Any chance of the green veterinarian hats too if there's enough interest?


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Intrested in Jurassic Park Jeep driver's hat and Jurassic Park Jeep driver's shirt, depending on the price.
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Interested in a brown Jurassic World hat and another hat patch if those are included in this run.


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Interested in Jurassic park jeep hat , Jurassic world patches and lanyard !


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I'm in for one Navy JW hat. My son loves his brown hat and patches, and I think a navy hat would be perfect as well.