Jurassic Park - 7.5 foot Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure Monster Build!

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Prop-Builder, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Well, I've started painting up another of those 1:5 scale t-rex busts and created a thread for this here at RPF as a tutorial. All this Rex business has excited me into taking on board a project I've been meaning to do for some time now...a 7.5 foot long full figure of Jurassic Park's Tyrannosaurus rex! This is to be a clay sculpture and cast in resin. Once painted, I will mount it onto a JP style display base.

    I decided to go with the posture in the visitor centre at the end of the first movie. A large T-rex kit is a must for any Jurassic Park fan, and at this size.. it matches the scale of the Horizon Velociraptor kit nicely, so I could use one of those kits to produce a killed Raptor at the Rex's feet. I will likely have to to some modification of the Raptor's body to get it to slump on the floor. A Raptor in its mouth would be cool too, but the plan was to have it roaring (see attached pic). I have added some examples of Sideshow's Jurassic Park diorama which also helped inspire me and work out the dinosaurs posture.

    Please stay tuned to this thread and I hope you enjoy what you see. If you'd like to see more neat Jurassic Park props & models like this, please visit the JP fanpage here:

    Jurassic Park - Dinosaur Models, Props & Memorabilia
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    I envy you.


    I was at some educational store about fifteen years ago and they were going out of business. They had a 6-foot long T-Rex in a running pose on a base. It was a great sculpt and very nicely detailed and painted. It was exceptional.

    I had my two girls with me and the wife was out of town for a few days, and I had just gotten a bonus at work. You see this coming, right?

    The store owner sees us admiring it and says to me..."We paid around $7500 for it, but I will give it to you for $3000 if you take it now."

    I smiled. I pondered it.

    The girls (both very young at the time) were like:

    DAD! GET IT!!!!!! DAD! GET IT!!!!!! DAD! GET IT!!!!!! DAD! GET IT!!!!!! DAD! GET IT!!!!!! DAD! GET IT!!!!!! DAD! GET IT!!!!!! DAD! GET IT!!!!!! YOU GONNA GET IT??? DAD! GET IT!!!!!! DAD! GET IT!!!!!! DAD???????

    I actually considered having it set up in the living room, so Linda would come home from her trip and see it.

    But then, *I* would be extinct.

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    Good story! :) Was it a JP style Rex by any chance? I've been wanting to do these for AGES, just never had the space to do it until now. I hope you'll enjoy the thread.
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    Good luck, I'm really looking forward to seeing your sculpt come to life.
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    I love the JP style 'saurs and can't wait to see your take on the Rex :)
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    Will get some more updates posted very soon! ;)
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    I did a 4ft version, just to get some practice in and work out the proportions and become more familiar with this beast. I did the legs too of course, just hadn't cast them up yet. The tail and body came out a bit bubbly due to shaking up the resin in its bottle and not leaving it to de-air long enough before using. I'll just use this kit for painting practice. ;)

    7 - 8ft monster Rex coming soon!

    I've also included a picture of the snout from my 2ft head model.

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