Jurassic Park (1993) T. rex card model?


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Just after the release of Jurassic Park, there was an item in one of the cabinets in a shop nearby our home (Germany), featuring some sort of card model of the Jurassic Park T. rex. I never got it, and I only have basic memories of it's box. I was a small child back then and my memories of the model are probably much better than it really was, but does someone know what I mean? In my memory, the box was in the usual Jurassic Park red - orange - yellow tones, and I think the card model was more than only the basic 2.5D puzzles which you assemble by putting together 3 parts using slots. I think it was a proper 3D card model.

I often stood before that cabinet and admired that box, it would be really satisfying to see it now with adult's eyes...


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Technically yes, but this is only a 2.5D-figure. Unfortunately my memory isn't good enough to tell for sure, but I thought it was more 3D...

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