Jupiter 2 lighted full interior up date


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here are a few up dated shots of the on going Jupiter 2 that I am working on from time to time.
Ordered a few feet of light wire to illuminate the struts in the interior.while kind of a pain to work with I did the alteration in a day.
I had always wanted to have the struts lit and when this product became available I figured out how to do the job without masive alterations to the existing structure.
The fusion core is a purchased effects piece.
the entire interior is scratch built and uses old fasioned bulbs for illumination.
the light wires look as good as neon tubing and are very flexable .you only have to strip one end and solder the conection for the whole length to light up evenly.
there are a few additions that have to be finished but this is primarily the finished piece.
the hull is an old Lunar models Vacform that maybe replaced by the more accurate hull now available.


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Yup. thats the one :)
Lunar has a much better 16.5 inch hull That I am seriously considering buying to set up this interior in an accurate home. :love
its only a little over 100 bucks .hopefuly I wont have to do anything drastic to fit.
it should be taller so I dont see much of a problem.


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That interior is WONDERFUL... I had thought about how to do that effect for years. I had thought of clear bulkheads with thin bare Metal Foil sides to blank out the light so it would just show out the insides.

I hear the newest 16.5 " hull is very good from Lunar too, being kind of a Jupiter 2 fan myself.


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Your work never ceases to amaze me. You need to bring this to the next Chicago Prop Party. I gots to see it in person.. :eek



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Who's fusion core is that? I purchased one, but it's made with yellow LEDs. Did yours come in blue, or did you refit one of the yellow ones (can't recall the manufacturer...)