Announcement Junkyard Thread Expiration Time - 60 days

Art Andrews

Community Owner
Community Staff
As we prepare to move to our new junkyard format, we must address existing Junkyard threads, as they won't be able to be converted. With that in mind, once the new format is in place, we will move all existing threads into a "Junkyard - Deprecated" forum. This will only be a temporary forum that we will maintain for a short period of time (approx 2-3 months) to allow existing transactions to be completed). We will take a much more aggressive approach to pruning these threads than we normally would as we ultimately want to transition everyone over to the new junkyard format.

With that in mind, and as part of the new roll-out, we are now pruning any junkyard thread that hasn't been posted to in 60 days (as opposed to the previous policy of 90 days).

For those who want to rush out and bump your threads to "save" them, please stop and read the following before doing so:

Ultimately, all the old threads WILL have to be purged. Bumping a thread that has gotten no responses will not save it as you will eventually have to relist the item in the new Junkyard anyway. Please save yourself and us the hassle by allowing these old threads to die gracefully so we can all move to the new format.